The Personal XLNS-Score was developed and designed by Claudia Tan to serve as a GPS, support, inspiration and motivation tool for ambitious people striving towards Personal Growth.

It identifies hidden blocks and unemployed human potentials, and helps find the shortcut to Personal Excellence. For most people personal development is a worthwhile life incentive that brings along personal, social and economic lead, e.g. respect, appreciation, wellbeing, prosperity, self confidence or life balance.

Next you can find out, where you are currently at in terms of personal development, what are the things, that you are already doing great and which specific pivotal course corrections can make your life easier, more enjoyable, enriching. So find out, what's in it for YOU.

Before you start:

  • Make sure you remove all sources of distraction for the next 20-30 minutes, so you can focus on the test.
  • The questions are designed to be answered SPONTANOUSLY. So just follow your instinct.
  • Every question regards your PRESENT SITUATION only (not your past/future nor the should/shouldn't).
  • You can pick only ONE ANSWER to each question.
  • To find the appropriate answer think from the perspective "applies/doesn't apply to me".



Is this the first time you are doing the Personal XLNS-Score?

Can you spontaneously name your 3 core values in life and relationships?

If your answer is YES, what are they?

When it comes to your MINDSET/BELIEFS do you face any challenge/bottle neck currently?

If YES, what is your biggest challenge/bottle neck?

When it comes to your HEALTH are you facing any challenge/bottle neck currently?

If YES, what is your biggest challenge/bottle neck?

Do you have a bigger vision (than yourself) that is driving you in all of your activities?

If your answer is YES, what is it?

When it comes to your (business/private) RELATIONSHIPS are you facing any challenge/bottle neck currently?

If YES, what is your biggest challenge/bottle neck?

Do you believe that you have a life mission or calling?

If your answer is YES, what is it?

When it comes to you JOB/CAREER are you facing any challenge/bottle neck currently?

If YES, what is your biggest challenge/bottle neck?

Is it easy for you to accept that there is a purpose and meaning behind everything that happens?

When it comes to MONEY are you facing any challenge/bottle neck currently?

If YES, what is your biggest challenge/bottle neck?

Do you have a message that is identifiable in your entire behavior and in your activities?

If your answer is YES, what is it?

When it comes to your PERSONAL IMAGE are you facing any challenge/bottle neck currently?

If YES, what is your biggest challenge/bottle neck?

Your outfit and your appearance are important for the effect that you exert on others.

Is there something or somebody impeding/slowing down your personal development?

If YES, what/who?

Do you believe, that you are the most important person in your life?

If requested, do you always express your opinion clearly, honestly and openly at the risk of somebody taking it the wrong way?

Are you willing to invest in professional support to master your challenges/bottle necks and and save further energy, nerves and detours?

What is your current level of STRESS on a typical day of your life?

Is your current job/business at the same time your life calling that is bringing you joy and fulfillment?

What is your estimated current competence level regarding your MINDSET?


How important is it for you to train your voice in order to be more impactful in what you say?

Are you coachable (open and ready to be coached or trained)?

To which extent do you have a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?


Is your public image congruent with your self-perception?

To which extent are you able to build and maintain HEALTHY, NOURISHING RELATIONSHIPS?


Do you wake up every morning motivated, empowered and enthusiastic about changing the world?

What is your estimated current competence level regarding SELF ORGANISATION?


Supposedly this was your last day on Earth, would you spend it doing exactly the same things that you do now?

What is your estimated current level of AUTHENTICITY?


Is it easy for you to come up with a solution in tricky situations?

Are you a person who usually takes decisions quickly?

Do you follow a certain principle/rule to make decisions?

You sometimes make bad decisions.

Do you use a specific success strategy that has consistently served you in life?

Do you believe in anything (God/a higher authority/the universe/fate/karma a.s.o.)?

Do you believe that everybody is responsible for their own life?

Do you believe that you can achieve anything you want?

Do you find it easy to tolerate other people's opinion?

Do you go your own path in life whether other people like it or not?

Do you have the feeling that your own thoughts are slowing you down or standing in your way?

Do you live moments of joy every single day of your life?

Do you use a success journal to keep track of your daily achievements?

Do you write a gratitude journal?

How important is it for you to stay updated on the daily news (e.g. via newspaper, TV, radio, internet)?

Do you usually read/listen to/watch crime, thriller, horror content (books, audiobooks, movies)?

Do you feel influenced by what other people say/think about you?

Is it easy for you to stay healthy while other people around you have a cold?

Does it annoy you when other people aren't doing what they are supposed to?

Is the education you received in your parents' house the main reason why you are here today?

When you go to bed at night do you fall asleep within less than 10 minutes on at least 5 days in a week?

Do you usually wake up once or several times during the night?

Do you usually go to bed before midnight?

Do you usually feel fit and completely restored when you wake up in the morning?

Do you usually feel fit and clear minded during the whole day without taking a nap or consuming coffee/Coke or other stimulants?

Do you do physical exercise (workout) on a daily basis?

Do you predominantly sit in your daily job?

Which way do you usually choose to get from the ground floor to the 4th floor?

Which is usually your biggest meal?

Do you usually have breakfast?

Do you usually eat 3 warm meals a day?

Do you usually take the time to sit down at table when you eat your meals?

When you eat your meals, do you usually create yourself a tranquil environment without distractions (e.g. smartphone, TV, email, work papers, books to read a.s.o.)?

Which type of person are you when you eat?

What is the amount of still water that you drink every day?

Do you usually drink warm (body temperature or higher) drinks?

Do you start your day with a particular routine that nourishes your health and personal growth?

Are you happy with how your body looks like?

Do you smoke or do drugs?

Do you drink alcoholics less than once/week (beer, wine, hard liquors)?

Do you take at least 30 days off for vacation and recovery in a year?

Is it less than 2 days/year that you need to take a leave because of feeling weak or ill?

Do you practice stress relief exercises on a daily basis (meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan a.s.o.)?

Are you surrounded by people with good intentions?

Is there anything or anyone that you hate?

Are you free of fear?

Can you easily connect to new people/situations when you find yourself in a completely new environment?

How important is it for you to always have the last word?

Is it easy for you to listen to others and let them finish speaking without interrupting?

Can you easily get over anger (caused by close friends, family, co-workers etc.)?

When there is a conflict how important is it for you to find out whose fault it is?

Is it easy for you to persuade people around you to do what you want them to do?

Are you grateful for tips and advice you get from others when you don't explicitly ask for it?

Do you have a strategy that helps you deal with people who drain your energy?

Is it important for you to satisfy the expectations of the people in your private/business environment?

When being criticized can you sit calmly without explaining and justifying yourself?

Are there any persons whom you cannot forgive?

Is it important for you to let your private/business partners know where the limits of your relationship are?

Do you think it is good, when people think of themselves first?

People who have made severe mistakes should be punished. Is this true?

Is "serving up justice" an important topic in your life?

Can you choose the people whom you want to deal with in your day to day life?

Do you have enough time for the things that matter to you?

Sort the values of MONEY, TIME and HEALTH from "most important to me" to "least important to me":
  • Money
  • Health
  • Time

Is your desk cleaned up and empty at the end of your work day?

Do you have a written "NOT TO DO" (or "STOP DOING") list?

Do you consistently delegate tasks that you do not necessarily need to do yourself?

Do you use a system/method/tool, that helps you enhance your productivity?

Do you schedule (and keep) breaks and buffer time in between your appointments?

Do you usually show up in time at your appointments?

Are urgent tasks rather seldom on your TO DO list?

Do you usually write down your goals (for the day/week/year)?

What is more powerful to you?

Do you use an app/software/other tools to organize your tasks?

Do you schedule and carry out similar activities grouped in time blocks?

Does your work day begin with checking and answering your emails?

Are you attending workshops, seminars and other education programs on a regular basis?

Do you schedule your work day according to your time of highest productivity?

Do you consider it good enough to finish as soon as the result of your work is to a degree of 80% good?

Do you use a particular system to pick up, save and utilize new ideas?

Do you celebrate your successes regardless whether small or big?

Do you invest money in working with a coach or mentor on your personal development?

Do you have one or more role models that inspire you?

Do you take time for your hobbies on a regular basis?

Can you spontaneously name 10 strengths, skills or talents that you have?

If your answer is YES, what are they?

Can you spontaneously name 5 weaknesses that you have?

If your answer is YES, what are they?

How much is 1 hour of your time worth (in $/hour)?

If your time is of value, then please specify how much it is worth (in US$/hour):




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